Golden Rules of Staging

Staging your home is extremely important when you are getting ready to list it for sale. It is needed to prepare your home for listing photos, so your home looks like it belongs in a home and garden magazine, and it is needed to show your home in the best possible light when buyers schedule showings. You can blame HGTV for elevating buyer expectations for how homes should be presented.

Professional stagers are a priceless resource for home sellers. I highly recommend a consultation with a professional stager, which is a service I offer to all of our sellers. This consultation will accomplish two things, the first is to physically transform your home to be ready for photos and showings. The second is to mentally prepare you for buyer feedback. The staging consultation will help you see your home from the perspective of buyers so you know what the hot buttons are and to give you ideas to improve upon any areas of your home that may lead to buyer objections. 

Here are a few tips I’ve learned over the years that you can do yourself. Staging is not the same as redecorating. Good staging for an occupied home is about working with what you already have. It primarily requires editing and rearranging the items that are already in your home. Chances are that you have too many furnishings for good listing photos, so the process of staging your home will entail removing/editing your things and then rearranging what remains.

Choosing one color or a family of colors to add pops of color to your home can create a unified and purposeful look that helps give your home a current and updated look. Once you finish editing your furnishings and decor, and you have moved your things around for the most pleasing arrangement, then it is time to shop for color pops. Home Goods is one good resource for some inexpensive finishing touches.

Besides editing and arranging, the most important component to prepare your home for the market is cleaning. Clean like you’ve never cleaned before. Wipe fan blades, vacuum out air vents, dust your lights and clean your bathrooms.  Buy fresh towels just for showings that look fluffy and appealing. Cut fresh flowers and arrange them in the living areas of your home and add a bowl of fresh fruit to the kitchen.

Curb appeal is very important to give a favorable first impression to buyers. One very simple and inexpensive update that adds a lot of punch to your curb appeal is to paint your front door. Choose a trendy color that gels with the other colors on the exterior of your home and one that will send a positive message to buyers. Weed your front beds, add fresh mulch and place a potted flower or plant near the front entry. 

There are many tips and strategies for staging, this list can go on and on. Buyers typically spend an hour or less touring your home and they base their decision of whether or not to purchase your home on this short visit. You want to make sure they don’t miss some excellent features because they were distracted by too much stuff, less than clean surfaces or weeds in the front beds. The bottom line is that putting effort into the presentation of your home will help your home sell faster and for more money. Please contact the Lisa Naples Team for more information about staging your home to sell.

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